Turbine Cockring
Turbine Cockring
Turbine Cockring
Turbine Cockring
Turbine Cockring
Turbine Cockring

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Turbine Cockring


Colour Yellow
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TURBINE is a comfortable pure silicone bulge-enhancing cockring. It's made from high quality super soft Pure Platinum Silicone so it feels fleshy and blubbery to the touch. TURBINE's extended shape is designed to rest behind your balls and to push your package up and out for a bigger, more noticeable bulge. The padded design and smooth squishy material grip your shaft and sack for a longer lasting hard on. Wear it under a jockstrap for a beefed up bulge that's sure to grab attention.

TURBINE is a lightweight, super soft Pure Platinum Silicone cockring that molds perfectly to your meat.

The raised circular turbine shape rests gently under your sweaty nuts and pushes your junk forward for an extra hefty lookin' hard on.

The finned exterior help TURBINE keep its shape even when it's grippin' n' cushionin' your cock for some extra pushin'...

It's perfect for filling out a jockstrap or a making a beefy bulge in painted on jeans or tight gear.

Width: 3"
Depth: 1.5 - 1.75"
Outer circumference: 9.5"
Inner Circumference: 5.5"
Weight: 3.2 oz

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