About Us

We REALLY like sex toys. In fact, we like sex toys so much that we have:

26 Stores

From London to Toronto.

25+ Years

Of sex expertise.


Unique products in stock.


Satisfied customers globally.

The World of Pleasure

 In the hierarchy of human needs, love and belonging are fundamental in achieving healthy mindsets and cultivating strong relationships. Whether you’re learning to love yourself, or exploring new paths with a partner, Love Shop has the right tools and knowledge to guide you. We are unashamed about our desires for pleasure and hope to spread this decree to our beloved customers. Sex and self-pleasure are a daily celebration!

Our Pledge

Our team is a diverse group of individuals with one common goal—judgment-free passion for all! We promise to provide safe spaces for our customers to explore desires, ask questions and get honest and expert knowledge on products. Love Shop has over 20 years of experience serving our community and beyond, with special attention to each customer’s unique needs. We will always strive to dismantle taboos and prove that love always wins!

You're not just a customer, you're a valued guest.

Taking care of our customers and catering to your satisfaction is our top priority. Here you will find loads of educational content to help you better understand our products and sexual topics. Plus, our blogs, emails and social media handles are full of entertainment and fun ways for you to engage with us. Join our community and have a laugh and an orgasm or two!