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Learn more about masturbators

Whether you need help picking a product or have a general question, our knowledge base has questions for any experience level.

How do I take care of a masturbator?

Wash your product with warm water and gentle soap before and after use. To preserve the softness of the material, we recommend dusting the product with renewal powder to keep moisture away. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, children and pets.

What kind of lubricant should I use with my masturbator?

Any kind of quality water-based lube will work with your masturbator. Do not use silicone-based or oil-based lubes, as doing so may compromise the quality of the material.

How do I know which masturbator will work for me?

We provide measurements and detailed descriptions for each product to help you determine which product will work best for you and your body. If this is your first time considering a masturbator, it is best to determine what shape you’re interested in, the product’s size, what functions it offers and how much it costs. We can almost guarantee there is a toy that will fit your interests and budget.

Why do people use masturbation toys?

Self-pleasure is a fun and healthy activity that sex toys can greatly enhance. Masturbators provide unique textures and functions (like vibration, heating, thrusting and suction) that are difficult to achieve on your own and can lead to stronger, more satisfying orgasms.

Are the dolls fully poseable?

Mastermates dolls have fully poseable arms and legs, can bend at the hips and have heads that swivel. Their strong internal skeleton will keep them in any position you apply.

Do the dolls come with the outfits pictured?

The outfits you see in the product photos are for staging purposes only, and do not come with the doll. However, each doll comes with a one-piece outfit and panties. You can purchase outfits separately, but make sure not to store your doll with clothing on as this may cause irreversible colour transfer/discoloration which is not covered by warranty.

How do I take care of a life-sized doll? How do I store it?

We recommend spot-cleaning your doll with warm water and gentle soap. It’s also good to have renewal powder to keep their skin dry and soft. Neglecting to clean your doll may result in material degradation, discoloration, tackiness and/or bacterial build-up. Wash any part of your doll that you touch after use and let air dry for best results. Restore the doll to a neutral position (lying down with arms and legs arranged straight) or sitting position and store in a cool, dry place. 

Please note that prolonged storage of your doll in bent positions may cause material tearing which is not covered under warranty.

How do you clean a life-sized doll, including the openings?
  • Use warm water and mild soaps free of fragrances, oils or harsh chemicals on the doll’s skin. Harsh soaps, fragrances and oils can damage the skin.
  • Wash all penetrable canals with warm water and gentle soap before the first use to remove any factory residue.
  • To avoid bacterial growth and damage, rinse all penetrable orifices with warm water and mild soap and then flush the canals with warm water until all soap is removed
  • Gently pat all canals dry with a soft towel to absorb excess water, then dust with renewal powder once dry.
  • Apply renewal powder or talcum powder to absorb natural oils emitted from the skin only when the doll is dry.
  • Do not submerge the doll’s head and hair under water.
  • Remove the synthetic wig and gently brush with a wide-toothed comb to avoid hair shedding and damage. 
  • Spot clean the wig with gentle soap and warm water, then pat dry or hang to dry
  • Do not place the wig in a drying machine or use a blow dryer, as doing so may damage the synthetic hair.
  • Avoid exfoliating soaps, rough sponges or brushes when cleaning your doll, as abrasive tools may cause tearing and damage.
  • Avoid applying strong force while cleaning to avoid tearing the material
Does the doll come preassembled?

The doll’s body is preassembled, but the purchaser will have to install the head and included wig.

How does shipping for something so large work? Will it be discreet?

Each doll is subject to a $150 dollar flat rate shipping fee via Fedex, due to their weight and size. We ship each doll in a plain box with ample packing materials with no labels or pictures on the packaging. We never include any details on the outer packaging to maintain discretion. We ship dolls to any valid residential address via Fedex.

What materials are the dolls made of?

Mastermates dolls are made of supple TPE material with synthetic fiber wigs. TPE is a soft and lifelike material that resembles the look and feel of human skin.

Who is a life-sized doll for? I am interested, but feel that it’s kind of taboo.

Life-sized dolls are for anyone interested in a hyper-realistic masturbator or desire an artificial companion. Life-sized dolls aren’t only meant for sexual purposes, but may also be used as photo models, companions or art pieces. They are not modeled after anyone’s real likeness, so purchasing and owning a doll is safe and legal.

What is the warranty?

Love Shop will cover any manufacturing defect reported within 7 days of purchase or delivery. This includes but is not limited to tears or warping of the skin caused by improper storage before shipment or a manufacturing defect, broken internal skeletons due to manufacturing, missing parts and discoloration due to manufacturing. Please note, we do not cover general wear and tear, discoloration due to improper care and storage, dissatisfaction, tearing or warping of the skin due to prolonged/irregular use or any type of physical damage sustained after 7 days from original purchase/marked delivery.

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