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If it exists, there’s a cock ring for it! If you’re looking for a cock ring to fit your individual needs, look no further than Lords of the Ring—a collection made for every penis owner of Middle Earth. Cock rings help maintain firm erections by keeping your mojo right where it counts and adds flair to your downstairs. Whatever your journey, long or short, big or small, there’s a ring to rule them all!

Frequently Asked Questions - The Lords of the Ring Collection

Yes, and yes. Cock rings can also be used during masturbation.

Yes! You may even find your climaxes stronger when wearing a cock ring.

We recommend washing cock rings with warm water and mild soap. For materials such as leather, we recommend spot cleaning and using a body-safe sanitizer so as to not destroy the material. Store in a cool, dry place away from children, pets and direct sunlight. Note that some cock rings are only suitable for several uses before discarding.