Handball Slider Plug
Handball Slider Plug
Handball Slider Plug
Handball Slider Plug
Handball Slider Plug
Handball Slider Plug

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Handball Slider Plug


Colour Black
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HANDBALL is a pure silicone slider strap buttplug shaped like a balled up fist. It's made from our signature smooth Pure Platinum Silicone so it's soft enough for insertion but firm enough to keep you feeling stuffed full and stretched. HANDBALL has a thick, fleshy fist shape that gradually tapers down to the strap-base. The blubbery silicone material and slider plug design keep HANDBALL locked into place for extended hole-play sessions.

Hole-hogs rejoice, now you can experience the joys of having a thick mitt up your butt anytime, anyplace...HANDBALL is a solid Pure Platinum Silicone buttplug shaped like a balled fist that feels just as good as the real deal.

The base of HANDBALL is designed to strap onto a buttplug harness for hours and hours of asshole stretchin' n' openin'.

The soft pliable silicone in combination with a harness will keep your pucker comfortably stuffed.

Harness or no, the wide fist shape and tapered base guarantees that once this plug is shoved up your guts...it ain't goin' anywhere 'til you're ready to take it out.

HANDBALL is the size of a small guy's fist...perfect for dudes lookin' to train their pucker to eventually take a piston punchin'...

Now, you can go through your daily routine with a greased up paw shoved snug up your fuckhole.

Works perfectly with our NEOPRENE BUTTPLUG HARNESS.

This product is shipped in durable retail packaging, protecting the product in transit.