Drop-Kick AssTrainers
Drop-Kick AssTrainers
Drop-Kick AssTrainers
Drop-Kick AssTrainers

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Drop-Kick AssTrainers


Colour Black
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The Drop-Kick Trainer Set by Boneyard includes 3 sizes of weighted silicone beads: from 9.5 inches to 18.5 inches total length! Great for adding extra sensation to deep anal play.
Each strand has 4 beads, for stretch and pop when you insert or remove the beads. The added weight inside makes these an intense experience as you move bigger!
The Drop-Kick strands move from small, to medium, to largefor safety as you work up in size, in 3 steps. Each Drop-Kick trainer's base features a pull-loop for easy removal.
Made of silicone outside, with a smooth " softTouch" surface that's ea+M114+M112

This product is shipped in durable retail packaging, protecting the product in transit.