Toy Materials 101

Toy Materials 101

Choosing the right sex toy for your body depends on many things. One of the most important features we must consider is the material of the toy. Not every material will work for everyone, and some are much safer and higher quality than others. To avoid choosing the wrong material, we will break down the top most popular toy materials and explain why they’re great or better left out of your toy box. As a general rule of thumb—the higher the quality, the safer it is for your body.

Silicone Toys

Medical grade silicone has taken the sex toy world by storm because of its versatility, non-porous nature, softness and quality. This material can withstand heat, which makes it great for temperature play and easy cleaning. The pliable make-up bends with your body while remaining resistant to tears and damage. Good quality silicone is non-toxic to the body, so it’s no surprise most big-name sex toy brands are reaching for this safe material for their products.

ABS Plastic

Most plastics are not good to use inside the body, but ABS plastic is a safe, non-porous material that requires little lubrication and is easy to clean. Vibrators made from ABS plastic are cheap and durable, so they’re ideal for people beginning their exploration into the world of sex toys.

Glass Toys

Toys made of glass are beautiful to look at, have non-porous construction and the ability to retain temperatures for interesting sensations. Many people worry about glass toys breaking in sensitive areas, but companies create these kinds of toys with durability in mind. Similar to glass baking dishes, glass toys are made using a similar process that keeps them from shattering. Manufacturers do not make glass toys from the same material as, say, a glass jar, so using these kinds of toys do not pose a risk. The drawbacks of glass toys are the inability to flex, but some folks prefer the rigidity. All lubes are safe to use on glass toys and clean-up could not be easier, as they are dishwasher safe, rinse easily with warm water, and do not harbour bacteria like other porous materials.

Metal Toys

Like glass, metal toys (often made of stainless steel for safe cleaning) are solid and do not break down from lube or washing, making them compatible with all types of lubrication. Metal toys have a sturdy weight and unique look to entice an adventurous crowd. However, because of the uptick in popularity, there are now many metal toys designedto delight even the freshest of beginners. From small metal butt plugs with jewels to fashionable necklaces like the Vesper, anyone can enjoy the sleek look and feel of a metal toy.


Often, people will describe toys made from TPR/TPE as having a “new car smell.” These are made of elastomer andmarketed as novelty-only, meaning the material is cheap and will break down with use. In the past, toys made of TPR/TPE contained phthalates and were toxic to the human body. Nowadays, toys made of elastomer claim to not contain phthalates, but are still much lower on the list of materials you should consider when purchasing sex toys.

CyberSkin A.K.A. Fanta Flesh

Well-known for their lifelike feeling, Fanta Flesh and Cyberskin toys are materials you don’t want to keep in your toy box for too long, as the malleable “flesh” will break down and become porous quickly. Even with thorough washing, it is impossible to sterilize these toys fully due to bacteria from your body and the surrounding environment becoming trapped in the pores where it will stay and increase risk of infection. If you love the sensation of faux flesh, we recommend a high-quality soft silicone, but if you must have the real-feel option, consider disposing of these toys much sooner than you would something made of non-porous material.

Jelly & Rubber Dildos

Similar to Fanta Flesh and Cyberskin, jelly toys were all the rage back in the day because of their eye-catching colours and slippery-when-wet feel. Although some companies still manufacture jelly toys and, to this day, remain a popular choice for beginners, we urge consumers to treat these items as disposable and not meant for prolonged use.