Lube 101

Lube 101

If you've purchased anything at Love Shop before, there's a high chance the associate taking care of you asked if you wanted lubricant to go along with your new toy. We don't mean to stump anyone, but we often get funny looks as customers rack their brains for the answer. You might find yourself asking... "Do I really need lubricant for this?", "What's the best lube to use for this toy?", "Isn't lube only for people who can't get wet?", "Can't I just use spit/coconut oil/baby oil?" 

We're here to bust the myths and mysteries surrounding personal lubrification to help you select one that's perfect for you and all your sexy adventures. There are many options to choose from, but not all of them are alike. Incorporating lube in the bedroom is a normal and healthy practice for adults in all stages of life. Trust us; it's better down where it's wetter!

Myth #1: Lube is only for women who experience vaginal dryness or aren't aroused.

This myth could not be falser. Many circumstances might lead to dryness, but lack of arousal, in a consenting sexual situation, is usually not the culprit of dryness. Some autoimmune diseases, breastfeeding, excessive stress or low-estrogen production can lead to dryness but do not affect libido. Lubrication reduces friction and can help make sex feel better for individuals experiencing these issues.

Myth #2: Lube is only for when a penis penetrates a vagina.

Again, wrong. You can use lube for many things. Such as anal sex, solo masturbation using hands or toys, massage, use with dilators or reducing friction while grinding.

Myth #3: All lubes are the same.

Nope! There are many different types of lube, but not all of them will work for your toy collection. Love Shop recommends a good quality water-based lube for use with silicone toys, as it reduces friction, doesn't break down the silicone material and washes away with mild soap and water or toy cleaner. Silicone lube will cause deterioration of silicone toys, which is why we always prescribe water-based as a cure-all for your slippery needs. However, you can apply silicone lube to metal or glass toys, as these materials are non-porous and do not react adversely to the particles present in silicone lube.

Myth #4: I can use oil as lube.

This is a touchy subject, but we always say, if there's a vagina involved, do not reach for oils or oil-based lubricants, as the heavy ingredients can throw off a healthy vagina's pH balance and cause irritation or infection. Save the oils for an erotic rubdown, but keep away from sensitive body parts like the vagina and urethra! Oil and oil-based lubricant can also break down latex and break condoms.

Now that we've cleared up those pesky myths, it's time to break down the most common types of lube and outline each one's benefits and drawbacks. Here you will learn which lubes work best for toys, sex, masturbation and more.

Waterbased Lubricant

Consider this the all-purpose lubricant—a kind of "one-size-fits-all" in the lube department. Water-based lubes come in many forms: organic, all-natural, flavoured, and might even come infused with aloe, carrageenan, hemp or other skin-soothing ingredients. When it comes to silicone, rubber, TPE and latex toys, we recommend using a water-based lube to slick up your plaything! The ingredients will not cause the breakdown of sensitive materials and won't leave stains or residue behind when washed with soap and water. A high-quality water-based lube can have the same lasting effects as other lubes but will evaporate or absorb into the skin after a prolonged period as the water dissipates. This type of lube may require reapplication.

Flavoured lube

If you can think of a flavour, there’s a lube for that! Slick up your tasty bits with raspberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, chocolate fondue, tiramisu, sour candy, juicy pineapple, salted caramel, red licorice, mango blitz, banana cream pie and many more without all the mess! Flavoured lube uses natural and/or artificial flavours and sweeteners to leave behind a pleasant taste and smell when used. Having a round of sex that includes penetration and oral? You might like the taste of berries on your lovers' erogenous zones. Using flavoured lube is a popular first-step into the world of adventurous sex. Even big-name department stores carry flavoured lube these days. We recommend trying a flavoured lubricant to sweeten blowjobs, cunnilingus and rimming. Always wash off with soap and water, as some flavoured lubes can leave behind a stickiness, making it less desirable for use with toys or on your nice sheets.

Silicone Lubricant

This stuff is not your grandma's KY Jelly! Lubricant made with silicone is known for its long-lasting effects and resistance to water, making it perfect for shower play and prolonged skin-on-skin contact. A bit of lube for penetration can heighten sensations and reduce friction for a truly slippery experience. Silicone lube is also great for anal play, as the anus does not produce its own lubrication. Just a touch of this stuff goes a long way! However, we recommend keeping silicone lube away from your toys, as the molecules in silicone lube can mingle with the silicone in your toys and cause swelling of the toy, "sweating" of the toy or overall decomposition of the material. We know what you're thinking, and no, silicone lube won't cause your toys to "melt" but may compromise the quality of the material over time. You may also have trouble washing silicone lube off of skin, surfaces and fabric. If you want to give silicone lube a shot, start with a small amount and reapply if necessary.

Anal Lubricant

Like silicone lube, anal lube is meant to stay slippery for a long time. Anal lube is formulated with a viscous consistency and stays put! You can find anal lube in both water-based or silicone, so make sure if you're incorporating sex toys, you use a water-based anal lube to maintain the quality of your weapon of choice! Some anal lube contains desensitizing ingredients like lidocaine to reduce discomfort during anal play, but not enough to cause total numbness. The last thing you want is for your backdoor to go numb, as it increases the risk of tears that may cause serious health problems. Show your bum some love and apply this lube liberally!

Hybrid Lubricant

Hybrid lube has been on the rise in popularity due to its creamy consistency and versatility. Hybrid lube is mostly water-based with a touch of silicone for longevity, but not enough to harm silicone toys, making it a powerhouse in the lube world. Hybrid lube has a more natural look and texture, resembling body fluid that lends an interesting visual when used. Because it's mostly water-based, hybrid lube cleans up nicely with soap and water and doesn't leave behind a slippery residue like silicone lubes. It's the best of both worlds!