The rainbow may be gone, but we're proud every day!

Thanks for joining us for pride month. This page will soon be turned into a resource for year-round pride events and great resources for our fellow LGBTQIA+ community members.

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Actively Striving For Inclusivity

Last year, we relaunched our website with a fresh design that was aimed to make shopping easy and fun for all of our guests. However, one important goal was to reach for a new level of inclusivity in the sex toy industry.

We moved as far away from "for him" and "for her" categories as we could to make our navigation friendly to everyone from non-binary, to genderfluid, to transgender. Anyone can use a dildo, and anyone can use a vibrator! In fact, anyone can wear a maid outfit. Our favourite fact of all: anyone can be empowered to have great sex with our toys. We will always be committed to inclusivity because everyone deserves a fun, safe, and welcoming retail experience when improving their sex lives.