Teasers and Pleasers of 2021: Clitoral Edition

If you have a clitoris, you might already know the pleasures of vibration. Maybe you’ve sat on top of a laundry dryer at full speed or located a well-placed water jet. While a perfectly placed seam in your pants might provide some intriguing methods of self-stimulation, we at Love Shop prefer a more direct approach. So, stop dreaming about straddling a hot biker’s motorcycle and hop on some of the best clitoral stimulators of 2021.

Vibrators and clits are meant for each other!

Have you ever wondered what makes a clit so sensitive? Well, you can thank over 8,000 nerve endings for that. Sorry penis-owners, but a clit is twice as sensitive as your gear. But don’t miss out! Whatever you can do to a clit, you can do to the head of a penis. The following toys are just as useful on clits as they are on dicks.


Wingardium Leviosa your clit to new heights of pleasure! These toys might not be made of phoenix feathers or unicorn hair, but they are mighty! Wands come in many sizes and functions, but one thing about these toys remains consistent: the bulb-shaped vibrating head at the end of a handle. Think of it as a pulsing sphere of pleasure, ready to touch down on your clit with magnificent precision. The waves flow through your erogenous zones, subject to your control.

Use wands on your own or with a partner, on a clit, perineum, cock, with an attachment, on the lowest setting or full speed. You can even use them on sore muscles after a long play session. There’s no ache a wand cannot satisfy.

Mini Wands – Petites Lil Exclaim:

These tiny titans feature a smooth, round head and one-touch power. The longer you hold down the button, the more powerful the vibrations! Small enough to stow almost anywhere, the Lil Exclaim is the perfect, rechargeable mini wand for anyone looking to tease and please. The price point makes these colourful cuties the ideal clitoral tantalizer.

Air Pulse Stimulators

Almost nothing feels as lovely as gentle pockets of air tapping your love button. Pursuing the best clitoral stimulation has brought us to the twenty-first century, where vibration and suction convene to create a most explosive sensation. Air pulse stimulators have taken the sex toy world by storm, and for good reason! We’ve come close to simulating oral sex in toy form, and at the touch of a button, clits across the world can languish in tender, concentrated pleasure anytime, anywhere.

Air pulse toys kiss the clitoris with soft waves of air, encompassing the pleasure center in an oval or circular opening for all-over stimulation. Ramp up your masturbation routine or incorporate one during sex--they’re small enough to not get in the way and powerful enough to make your toes curl.

Kiss and Lick - LOE Dory

Dory is a double-sided stimulator for all of your oral needs. One side features a flickering tongue, while the other side provides a smooth, circular opening that caresses your clit with flutters of air from a small yet powerful motor. Rechargeable? Yes. Compact? Definitely. Orgasmic? Just ask our toy experts and enthusiasts who have praised the LOE Dory as one of the best new toys around.

Ticklers, Flickers, Teasers

We love things that vibe, tickle, tantalize and tease, and our customers do too. That’s why Love Shop has been testing and reviewing the best sex toys and bringing them into our stores for over twenty years. When innovation meets new shapes, we just have to scream about it! These clitoral stimulators are fresh, fun and ready to flick your satisfaction up a notch.

Set aside your old, boring vibrators and make room in your toy chest for the newest and most exciting toys of the year.

C’est Très Chic - Chíc Jasmine

Encase your clit and feel the flick. This gorgeous toy never compromises on strength or style. The soft loop isolates the clitoris while the flickering tongue teaser does the rest. Can your pussycat handle the buzz? With a charge time of 2.5 hours and 80 minutes of high-speed battery time, you will have plenty of time to luxuriate and treat yourself right. Backed by the Calexotics’ one-year manufacturer warranty and waterproof, we’re confident this toy will be a staple in your sex toy repertoire.

Naughty Lil Things - Naughty Nubbies

For those looking for tinier toys, the Naughty Nubbies with Mini PowerBullet is a multipurpose tool that features a soft, silicone sleeve with bristles that move with vibration to create a truly unique sensation. The finger ring ensures you have precise control, and the rechargeable mini bullet can be used with or without the bristle sleeve. Hide this cutie away in your purse or luggage using the handy travel lock. A bullet this versatile deserves a place in our list of favourites for years to come.

Have This Dance - Tango X

Like a bullet, this discrete, submersible toy will shoot through you with impressive, deep rumbles of pleasure. The magnetic charger snaps on with ease and allows for underwater play. Tango in the bath, shower or anywhere your desires take you. The smooth, angled tip gives precise pleasure while you cycle through 4 levels of intensity and intriguing vibration patterns.

Wherever your adventures in clitoral pleasures take you, Love Shop is there online or in-person to provide our beloved customers with only the best sex toys, tried advice, and honest opinions. No sponsorships here! Visit one of our 21 locations or browse online 24/7 for the world’s most gratifying sexual goodies.

Written by GG Hallows