Meet The G-Spot

Let’s talk about a hidden gem of female pleasure—the G-spot. Located one to two inches on the upper wall of the vagina, there is a magical spot lovingly coined the “G-spot”. This spongy internal hub engorges when aroused and can take a mediocre orgasm to a mind-blowing climax if stimulated properly.

The G-spot is not as elusive as you may think.

A network of sensitive nerves connects the G-spot to the clitoris, making it a pleasure powerhouse some people may overlook. With proper stimulation, some women can achieve deeper and long-lasting orgasms, even female ejaculation. But no two G-spots are the same. Most women cannot orgasm from internal stimulation alone, no matter how aroused they are, and need varying combinations of both internal and clitoral stimulation to climax. With all that power waiting to be unlocked, it’s no surprise the sex toy industry has produced many fun tools to help women and their partners locate, invigorate and appreciate this erotic pleasure zone.

G-Spot Vibrators

One of the most popular sex toys of all time is undoubtedly the G-spot vibrator. This style of vibrator is perfect for G-spot exploration, clitoral pleasure, and other erogenous zone stimulation. These vibes usually feature a curved or bulbous tip which helps zero in on the hidden spot.

Take the Bloomers Lilac Dream G-Spot Vibrator. It has a long handle for easy use and a curled tip to locate the G-spot. It resembles a finger locked in the “come-hither” position with the bonus of adjustable and luxurious vibration one can feel along the inner vaginal walls. 

If you’re looking for extra power and a unique design to probe your G-spot and beyond, try the We-Vibe Nova. This curving rabbit toy provides both internal and external stimulation—yes, that’s G-spot and clitoral at the same time! The outer tickler flexes with your body to maintain clitoral stimulation while delivering non-stop G-spot vibration, so you’ll never have to choose between the better of two worlds again!

 G-Spot Stimulators

Some people shy away from intense vibration and opt for stimulators that thrust, probe and massage without an electric internal motor. While it’s possible to turn off a vibrator and use it as a stationary device, there are some solid options if you find vibration unnecessary. Glass wands are wonderful toys that stay slick with lube, are nonporous and provide a firm shaft and sleek bulb end to rub the G-spot just right. Loved for their durability and aesthetic, glass toys are also easy to clean and come in a variety of shapes and textures.

If glass is too rigid for you, there are plenty of flexible and versatile toys available. Boundless Silicone Dildos by Calexotics is a line of stimulators that come in varying sizes and styles including slim, smooth and ridged. Accompanied by a flared base, you can use these dildos in universal strap-on systems or as is for a fun and flexible experience. 

G-Spot Creams

Not everyone experiences the same level of arousal from G-spot stimulation, and that’s okay. Whether you prefer clitoral stimulation or are one of the many women who cannot achieve vaginal orgasm (it’s a rare talent!) the opportunity to harness the joy of the G-spot is not lost!

Take Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream from Shunga.

This formula helps swell the G-spot using naturally derived oils, increasing sensitivity and lubrication for those who may not have the most responsive nerves. Once applied, the cream opens blood vessels and engorges the G-spot, making it easier to locate and stimulate for earth-shattering orgasms. 

G-Spot Stimulation For Female Ejaculation

The mysteries of female ejaculation have been explored, contested, and celebrated! While we love the idea of ladies enjoying themselves so much they burst, female ejaculation is a coveted talent that only a select portion of the population can achieve. While there is no right way of achieving female ejaculation, many believe the key is through well-placed stimulation and activation of the Skene’s gland. 

The Skene’s gland is often referred to as the female prostate, as it secretes a milky fluid through the Skene’s ducts, particularly during sexual arousal. The ducts are on either side of the female urethra. Some women have a large production of this fluid, while most others may produce an unnoticeable amount.

Female ejaculation or squirting is not a guaranteed reaction, but it never hurts to try stimulating yourself or a partner using toys, creams, fingers and a little patience. Don’t fret if you’re not one of the magical unicorns who can squirt! You can still achieve amazing orgasms and sexual fulfillment using any of the methods we’ve described.

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Written by GG Hallows