How to Have a Great Valentine’s Day During a Pandemic

This year, you might have trouble finding new and exciting ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one(s). With dinner reservations, romantic getaways, and movies dates out of the question (thanks, lockdown) closures and curfews have stifled the more traditional ways of showing your love.

By now, we’re all used to staying inside and skipping our favourite pastimes for the health and safety of ourselves and others, but that doesn’t mean our Valentine’s Day traditions have to suffer! There are plenty of ways to make this February 14th a special day to remember, but don’t just take our word for it... Love Shop has reached out to our lovely customers and readers for their suggestions on how to have a great Valentine’s Day date during the pandemic.

Have a Romantic Dinner Complete With Mood-setting Candles, and Your Lover(s) for Dessert

No romantic dinner is complete without dessert! Order in or put your chef skills to good use, then make your sweetheart into a delicious dessert. Chocolate body paint is a fun way to transform your partner into a decadent work of art. Draw all over their pretty parts and take your time licking off the excess.

Bill S. from Cambridge had this to say when we asked how they liked to deck their honey up for dessert...

“Have you ever tried the Shunga body paint? It comes in this nice glass container with a little brush and tastes so good, you kind of want to drink it straight from the bottle. The other flavours are good, too, but nothing says Valentine’s Day like chocolate, amiright?”

Turn your lover into an edible work of art with Shunga Edible Body paint. Shunga is a widely known brand based out of Canada and makes some of the tastiest flavoured body products around!

Play a Naughty Board Game With Your Partner

Aside from strip poker, truth or dare, spin the bottle, or even naked Twister like we called out on our Instagram, there are myriad options of sexy board games you can play on your special night. The best part of these spicy bedroom games is: everybody wins! Discover new and exciting ways to tease your partner with positions and prompts you haven’t tried, or try your luck with a pair of sex dice!

“My wife and I always play a sex game on Valentine’s Day. It’s become somewhat of a tradition for us. Every year we buy a different game and try it out. Some make you work for it, and actually involve some skill, but others cut right to the chase. We’ve found we enjoy board games that take a little while to build up. Sex dice are fun, but we like to make a night out of it and have a glass of wine while we get into it.”

-- Alex H, Winnipeg MB

Try out a sexy kit like Weekend in Bed if you fancy yourself adventurous this February!

Role-Play With Your Lover(s) in a Naughty Get-up.

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think sexy lingerie, but why not kick it up a notch with a themed outfit that will help you get into the mindset of a mischievous maid, naughty nurse, sexy soldier or a babely butler? Indulge your sizzling fantasies with an outfit that will have them lusting for your goodies.

Barbie F. from Ottawa let us in on her method of keeping her man drooling after her.

“My boyfriend loves when I dress up for him. I’m a little shy, but for special days like his birthday or Valentine’s Day, I dress up in a sexy costume for a little role-play. It might feel a little silly at first, but the outfit helps get into the right mood. Plus, it’s super hot knowing how much I’m turning him on. We’ve done the classic French maid role-play, but this year, I think I want to try a naughty nurse testing him for Covid. LOL!”

We love Barbie’s suggestion, so here’s a seductive outfit to wear if your role-play includes imitating a frontline worker! We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the nurses and doctors putting their lives on the line during the pandemic. You are all true heroes!

Incorporate Bluetooth Sex Toys For a Wireless Way to Tease and Please Your Lover(s).

With today’s technology, almost anything is possible, including making your partner orgasm without even touching them or being in the same room! Lots of brands have vibrating toys you can control with a remote or using a smartphone app. Tease your partner from afar at the touch of a button. Having a stay-at-home movie night? Give Netflix and chill a whole new meaning with a high-powered toy like the We-Vibe Jive or Vector. You can even spice up your kegel workouts with the Bloom by We-Vibe if you dare!

“I miss taking my husband out and giving him the power to make me tingle and fight back moans with the Lush from Lovense. We’d go to our favourite restaurant and he would torture me while I had the toy inside. And that thing goes crazy! You could always blame your sour faces on the food, but we both knew what was really going on behind the scenes. Expert-level is trying not to come during a show at the movie theatre. Heck, we even tried it at work one day when we were feeling extra naughty. Bluetooth toys have truly changed the game!”

-- Callie F, London ON

Schedule an Erotic Massage To Help Your Babe Relax and Get Ready For More Pleasure to Come. 

Nothing says romance like your naked, oiled-up partner moaning and groaning under your loving hands. Take your sexy massage to new heights with an aphrodisiac-infused oil to awaken the senses. Japanese Nuru massage involves both of you stripping down while one lathers the other in sensual oil for an all-over body rubdown. You may not have a massage table, but you can always put down a sheet for your lover lie down and get to working out all those kinks and pains, helping them relax and release tension in the muscles.

Sabi A from Vancouver shared their Valentine’s Day plans with us...

“My partner works a physically stressful job and used to book bi-weekly massages to help them recover from the labour. I plan on recreating this for them as a surprise. I’ve watched several YouTube videos to get a better grasp on some massage techniques, stocked up on some great-smelling body oil and even bought a little foldaway massage table just for the occasion. There’s no reason we can’t have nice things during lockdown.”

Try Secret Lovers Sensual Massage Oil for a luxurious, aphrodisiacal experience, or take your tension-relief to the next level with a powerful body wand from Doxy.

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- GG Hallows