How do YOU masturbate?

May is the month of masturbation. A time to celebrate self-pleasure — one of humankind’s most common practices yet taboo subjects to this day. Love Shop has upheld the importance of masturbation and all its health benefits for over twenty years, and counting! That’s over 240 months of dedication to helping our customers explore their sexuality in a happy, safe and healthy way. It’s no surprise that we take self-love seriously, and as professionals of the sex toy industry, we have a lot to say on the matter.

When I started planning this article, I thought of giving my readers a window into my adventures in masturbation, then I thought… How very boring? I’m just one gal, with one perspective and one experience. I would do you a disservice not to let you in on the full array of masturbation-methods. Love Shop employs over one hundred staff members from a variety of age ranges, orientations and interests. They’ve tried the latest and greatest sex-tech and know almost everything about masturbation. Who better to turn to than the fine folks who spend their professional time among the sex toys that inspire masturbation routines across the globe?

I sent a questionnaire to all of our staff and sex-industry friends to get detailed accounts of their adventures in self-discovery, what revs their engines, which toys they love and which ones they can live without. With between 1 year to over 18 years’ experience in the sex industry, from London to Kitchener, Hamilton, Toronto and everywhere in between, Love Shop staff gave us some juicy insight into how they like to get down and dirty, solo-style!

(To protect their identities, all names and locations have been changed.)

What first interested you in the world of sex toys and sexual exploration?

Curious minds and hearts make for adventurous company. Sex toys may not be for everybody, but to us, they’re a major part of our everyday life. I asked our experts what got them invested in the adult toy industry.

“My love for this industry didn’t take long once I met my now fiancé. He was and is still a lot more adventurous than I am!” - A. from Waterloo

As with most people, I'm sure, it started with a disappointing partner and the thirst for what they weren't giving me.” - K. from Hamilton

“Porn & BDSM.” - C. from London

“When I was a tween, I lived close to a Love Shop. I passed it on my way to my friend's house and got curious. I remember wanting to work there so badly...When I turned 19, I brought in my resume and got hired on the spot. And so began my foray into the beautiful world of sexual well-being.” - GG Hallows

How do YOU masturbate?

The question we wish more people would answer. There are endless ways to pleasure yourself, and we wanted to know how our friends have perfected their self-love rituals. Whether they make an evening of masturbating, or if they’re the type to fire off a quick orgasm and get back to their day, we get the dirty details!

“It truly depends on the day and how much time I have. Sometimes it's a nice wake up routine, other times it's a way to wind down before bed. I use porn, my own fantasies, and sometimes smut (published or even my own). For the amount of toys I have, my go-to is still my hand!” - K. from Kitchener

“I masturbate a lot and watch a lot of porn. Normally, the amount I masturbate fluctuates but it can be between 1-5 times a day, depending how bored I am. The amount of effort I put into masturbation varies. Sometimes it’s boredom and I want to orgasm, and sometimes it’s drawn out to have fun and enjoy the experience.” - D. from Hamilton

“I tend to do it laying down in bed when the mood strikes, and use videos or live cam viewing to enjoy the experience. Seldom do I use toys during masturbation but I’ve been known to use a Fleshjack, the Cobre Libre or nipple suckers to enhance the pleasure.” - BC from Toronto

“I masturbate 3-4 times a week. I don’t have the patience to set the mood, flick the bean and move on with the day LMAO. Porn is a lot sexier than staring at a wall. Usually, my partner sends me smutty things throughout the day as a teaser. I take about 10 minutes roughly to climax, sometimes less, but it's multiple times in that time frame. I do enjoy it, but I also rush myself in a way just because I love the feeling of back-to-back orgasms." - C. from Newmarket

“My imagination is better than porn. I can imagine myself in any given sexual situation, or picture hotties going at it however I want. I use a clitoral suction toy sometimes if I want to freaking explode. But sometimes, a couple of fingers is more than enough to get the job done.” - V. from Niagara Falls

Which toys are your favourite to masturbate with and why?

There are literally thousands of toys you can equip in your masturbation station, and not everyone enjoys the same type of stimulation. With so many products to choose from, it's hard to find out what works best. The good news is: our Love Shop gang has been around the block, and knows what’s hot and what’s not-so-hot.

“I like a good clitoral suction toy that's rechargeable and strong. I don't mess with anything that takes batteries. I cannot be bothered to change them and if I were to run out in the middle of some sexy-times, it would devastate me. I prefer a dildo on the larger side, but not TOO big, made of flexible material. A good 7-incher with a reasonable amount of girth is perfect. It has to have a suction cup or at least balls that I can hang onto because my arms are short and my thighs are thicc, so I need the leverage or the suction cup to stick to a wall.” -Z. from Brampton

“My favourite by far is definitely my Hitachi Magic Wand. I love the big head and its deep rumbles hit every spot. It’s perfect for wigglers and isn’t finicky with positioning which is good to have for someone who wants to cut right to the chase.” - R. from Brantford

“My current favourites when I'm going all out are my Womanizer Duo and my Swell remote anal vibe. The triple sensation is earth shattering, and once I discovered it, it was hard to go back.” -F. from Mississauga

“The Doxy 3 is really powerful and has extra head attachments so I can switch it up for either external or internal stimulation. Also, the Poze dongs are nice because I'm not a fan of really firm dildos, and the suction cup on the Poze is strong so I can stick it anywhere. Having said that, I do like firm toys—just not silicone. Honorable mention would be toys from Glas. They’re made from glass but it’s a lot more comfortable to use, and the studded or ribbed designs feel great!” - Binx

Do you use lube? Why or why not? If yes, which is your favourite and why?

Lubricant can make a good time better, or just get in the way. Not everyone masturbates with lube, but those who do use it have some great recommendations.

“I use lubes with toys. I find it causes less friction, even when already wet. It makes the experience feel a lot smoother. Divine 9 is my favourite so far because it works with female body fluids and yet doesn't make you feel gross after like some lubes do.” -D. from Hamilton

“Use either Secret Lovers Silicone Lube OR Eros Body Glide as they both work well with my body and help increase the sensation very well and leaves the area soft and not irritated. Secret Lovers bottles are amazing, compact, and non-leaking in bags or pockets. It pumps out the right amount of lube, too.” -BC from Toronto

“Have never really used lube… I find it makes things a little too messy.” - AB from Guelph

“Just a dab of FuckWater on my dildo and then I can let my body do the rest.” - J. from Toronto

Do you prefer using your hands instead of a toy?

No toys? No problem. Sometimes, all you need is an experienced hand and a few minutes to rub yourself right. Some of our Love Shop staff and friends need nothing fancy.

“I prefer using toys, they create a more intense orgasm for me.” - H. from Etobicoke

“It used to be all about the fingers with me. Even surrounded by sex toys, I still trusted two fingers and a daydream. Now, I incorporate vibrators into my masturbation for that little extra zing.” - Roxy from Thunder Bay

“Hands are the best!” -BC from Toronto

“I prefer toys, but either out of laziness, convenience, or because I'm horrible at remembering to charge my toys—hands get the job done.” - K. from Etobicoke

Are there any masturbation toys you've tried that you don't like or would not recommend?

Some toys are just a swing and a miss. With that many options, we’re bound to come across a few duds or materials that just don’t cooperate with our bodies. I asked staff what toys they tried and kicked to the curb.

“For me, any handheld masturbators made of clear jelly as they do not stretch enough, and tend to hurt. A softer, fleshy UR3 type is better.” - Z. from Etobicoke

“I recently purchased the Lelo Enigma, and it just did not compare against the Womanizer Duo.” - K. from Kitchener

“I do not care for clit sucking toys as I am an impatient powerhouse!” - C. from Brantford

“I have tried several thrusting toys and dildos and have found that it's just not for me. They seemed powerful, but the first time I tried a thrusting toy, I was like….Oh. This is kind of boring.” - GG Hallows

You're stranded on an island and can only take one toy with you… Which one do you take?

The age-old question. You’ve heard it, you’ve answered it, but has anyone ever forced you to reduce your pleasure practices to just one toy? Our staff had a tough time narrowing down their all-time favourites.

“Hands down, the We-Vibe Melt. I love the shape. It's so small and sleek, yet so powerful, holds a charge forever and is one of the quietest suction toys I've experienced. It's the perfect clitoral stimulator.” - J. from Toronto

“Satisfyer G-spot Rabbit. One of the best toys I’ve ever owned!” - A. from Oakville

“The LOE Casanova is f-ing insane. The thing just goes around and around and the clitoral stimulator is strong. I love it. Definitely all I’d need on an abandoned island!” - S. from London

“I’ve tried lots of automatic/suction/vibrating masturbators and found a new love for the Airturn 2 by Otouch.” - N. from Hamilton

“All I’d need is a good vibrating prostate massager. The Darius by Club Men works great… But then again, if I’m stranded on an island, it would eventually die and then I would be soon to follow, lol.” - T. from Waterloo

Are there any sex toys you want to try but haven't yet?

Have you ever salivated over a sex toy, but the stars have not aligned? So have we! Sometimes it boils down to finances, other times we find certain toys a little intimidating for our experience level. One thing is for sure, even the pros haven’t tried it all.

“Any of the large high-end male cock and ass masturbators. They’re too expensive. Maybe one day I will get one!” - BC from Toronto

“I've always wanted to try a Doxy wand but never have the money to spend on one. It would be a heck of a lot to spend on something I might not like. I'd rather put my money towards a toy I know will do the trick. Maybe one day, Doxy will send me a freebie!” - GG Hallows

“The Impulse Intimate E-Stimulator Dual Wand. It will likely be my next purchase to add to the menagerie.” - K. from Niagara Falls

“There are so many I would like to try both with my partner and without, but the one that stands out to me the most is Tracy’s Dog.” - P. from London

We love masturbation and hope to spread the joy to our valued customers and readers by breaking down the barriers of communication. Not that everyone should be forthright with their private habits—for some, it’s a private reflection of self-love they’d rather keep to themselves. Whatever your views on masturbation, Love Shop can provide a friendly avenue into self-exploration, healthy practices and that wonderful, toe-curling climax we all crave once in a while (or several times a day if you nasty like us).

Written by: GG Hallows